Top 10 Log Homes #5 Unique Log Home GORGEOUS Interior!

Log home living is a wonderful experience,and there are numerous health benefits with living so close to nature. If you are in the mindset to buy or build a new home, you should consider the numerous benefits of living in a log cabin of your very own. Following this list there are: Top 10 Log Homes #5 Unique Log Home GORGEOUS Interior! And more facts on why log home lifestyle is the way to live...

Our ancestors once lived in a log cabins and this type of iconic homes were built and enjoyed in the past and because of their construction - some still stand today, even since the 14th century. In our past, our home was built for our legacy, the gathering place for family and friends for generations to come. People build houses for survival, and not just for show and aesthetic purposes as people do today. Many times the houses consisted of just one room only. Everyone would often sleep in one room or in one bed to conserve heat and energy. Also in the past, construction time used for making log homes took many months, perhaps even a year. But today, with technology and log homes kits, the pre-milled logs have most of the hard work done for you which drastically reduces the building time to just a few mere weeks. This creates a situation where the per-log cost is the lowest it has been and now log cabin kits are the most sought after way of creating log home living today. People are also able to chose from extravagant designs as well. There are so many pre formulated plans that exist these days, from so many different companies. The log home business is as expanded as ever these days!

Murray Arnott Design strives to fully understand your unique needs, desires, and budget. In combination with your plans, the designer and architect visit the land to see how we can build the log home to its unique environment and grace your special piece of Mother Earth. The houses they have built are absolutely fabulous and have so much character and style. You can see in the photos the pictures of the interior of some of their houses, showcasing the beauty and whimsy of their style. They have created some absolutely wonderful stair rails that twist and wind the way that natural trees in nature would. The purple adds to the mystique of the rooms, and gives it a magical essence. All of their designs have a very abstract and surreal context to them. The kitchen islands, all flow with beautiful natural curves and waves.

The website for Murray Arnott Designs states: "When you choose Murray Arnott Design, you are choosing an inspired team of creative professionals. We don't simply draft floor plans. We craft your ideas, your imagination, your future into a home that will truly inspire you… building your heritage now." And you can find some of their amazing work in the gallery on their website.

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