Top 10 Most Beautiful Landscapes

All over the world, beautiful spots and majestic scenery is there to enjoy. They can be man-made but there nothing that is more beautiful than the simple gifts from Mother Nature. There is nothing man can create to surpass the perfection of nature. Breathtaking natural sites put you in the state of awe, whether you are a nature lover or not. The amazing landscapes, mountains and valleys, rivers and oceans, white beaches stretching for miles, rugged cliffs. On a smaller scale, the perfection in colorful arrays of wildflowers, green grasses growing lush as carpets, sunsets that make you stand in awe.

This scenic beauty is there for us all to behold, at no cost. Here is list of the top 10 most beautiful landscapes that you can find on earth. First on the list is the Bay of Smoo Cave Near Durness, Scotland. There is no way you will not be mesmerized when you see this super amazing landscape. Second is the Breathtaking Green. As its name suggests, it is a landscape that is filled with green color. Because of this, it will surely be relaxing to the eyes of every nature buff. Third is Tuscany in Italy. Even just looking at its picture, you will think it is intentionally painted because of its intense perfection when it comes to views and colors, but no artist can offer the pallet of perfection that comes naturally. Fourth is the Girona in Spain. This beautiful landscape is near the seashore. The mixtures of colors and textures in this scene call out to you. Can you not imagine yourself walking along that beach in the sunset.

Without a doubt, Mother Nature has given us beautiful things that we must nurture and protect our fragile planet. In order for you to see the full list of these beautiful landscapes, visit Discover 10 website.

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