Top 10 Most Expensive Beds Ever

Not all of us could get a good sleep at night and itís because most people, especially these days are now suffering from insomnia. We could blame the rise of social media for that, but there are other factors as well as to why it is now happening. To get a good night sleep is important so the right bed is something that everyone should invest. While this is true, others just took it a little bit serious to get proper sleep when they decided to buy one of the expensive beds available out there. Take a look at some of these luxurious beds that would spark your interest.

1. Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed- are intended for people who are suffering from snoring and wanting to cure this kind of problem. If you have snoring problems, this bed is for you. One of the luxuries installed on this bed is an Internet connection. You can also adjust the roomís temperature with it and it has a slot for your iPod. Get ready for $50,000 to purchase this bed.

2. Sphere Bed- if you want everything luxurious for a bed, then this is the one that you are looking. It has TV and a bottle holder for your drink. It also has LED lights and a mirror. It is available in many different colours, so you could incorporate what colour you want to match the design of your entire room. The amount of this bed is worth $50,000.

3. Monarch VI Spring Bed- for a mattress that has more than a thousand springs in it, you can guarantee ultimate comfort upon purchasing it. This one will make you feel like youíre royalty, especially when you need to pay $50,000 to take it home.

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