Top 10 Most Extraordinary Uses for Gold

GOLD. Extraordinary & a sign of wealth. Gold is an element that can be found richly in the bountiful nature. It is malleable and soft element. Because of this, it is easy to shape it into items. For sure, you are not unaware about the high price of this particular element. As a matter of fact, a number of Pawnbrokers and jewelers are more than willing to spend a hefty amount of money just to buy gold. Now the question is, have you ever asked yourself about the different uses of gold? Listed below are some of the most extraordinary uses for gold:

1. Construction of Buildings

Just in case you do not know, gold is widely used in glazing some buildings. The building becomes alive with a vibrant and shiny appearance. It also extends the life of the paint on the building.

2. Manufacturing of Beauty Creams

It is amazing to note that there are a lot of beauty product companies these days that have been excellently using gold as one of their ingredients in making their products. In several spas, gold plated creams are very useful in giving massage services to the customers.

3. Making a Space Helmet

Without gold, Astronauts may not have made certain discoveries in the galaxy. Why is it so? Well, it is because gold is a very important component in making a space helmet. Through this, the harmful sun rays and radiation may be deflected.

4. Manufacturing Cigarettes

Due to their innovative minds, Cigar companies are incorporating gold in making cigarette products. Yes, there are Cigars sold nowadays that are plated with gold.

5. Making iPhone

One top grossing company that takes is making a hi-end gold plated iPhone Apple. Looking for that ultra posh iPhone? You can buy it in from the London Jeweller Gold & Co.

These are just some of the most extraordinary uses gold has to offer. To view the full list and details, simply visit The Top 10 of Anything and Everything website below.

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