Top 10 Most Insane Water slides You Wont Believe Exist! (Watch Video)

If you love amusement parks and a good thrill you'll totally want to check out this list of the top 10 most insane water slides in the world. Some of them are pretty hard to believe they even exist. In this video from Top 5 Central, you get an up-close and personal experience of what these intense slides are really like. It's probably the next best thing to being there because you get to see the experience from a first person perspective. The person going down the slide has a camera that is attached to their head so you can see exactly what it would look like when you're going down the slide. It's pretty fun just to watch, especially for those who would rather not actually go down themselves. People who love a good rush of adrenaline will have to add these slides to their bucket list though. Water slides are typically one of the fun things for kids to do, but you don't have to be a kid to enjoy fun things like amusement parks and water slides. In fact, it's a good way to live as though you're still a kid and know how to have fun in life, it keeps you younger and more vibrant, enjoying your life to the fullest.

Water slides go back to the early 1900s, with the "Shoot the Chutes" water slide at Wonderland Amusement Park in Indianapolis. There's a photo of it from 1906. This water slide was just a straight slide into the water built from wood and a rubber piece that served as the slide going down through the center. Most water slides use a pump system to carry the water up to the top of the slide, so it pours down the slide making it slick enough to slide down. At the end of the slide is a plunge pool which is the pool of water that you land in at the end of the slide. It's shallow enough that people can stand up in it, yet not so shallow their hurt their legs. There are also different types of water slides like a body slide which only takes the rider, tube slides, which take the rider on an inflatable tube, and in the 21st century, there have been more variations of slides that have been invented. There's the looping slide, which you'll see a few times in the video, the bowl, which is a waterslide that shoots you into a bowl that you funnel down into the bottom of, rafting, which you can do in a big group, and water coasters like a roller coaster and a water slide combined.

The longest slide ever known was a temporary set up in Waimauku, New Zealand in 2013 and it was 2,130 ft which is super long. Some of the most amazing water slides on this video include steep drops, loops, and even shark tanks. Yes, you read that right, in one water slide that's a part of the Atlantis park, you drop down a steep slide to enter a clear water slide tube that goes straight into a shark tank. Really cool for anyone who likes these beautiful animals, but not so fun for people who are super scared of them. One of the most insane water slides has not just one but two loops in it, which would be so intense to experience. Some of these slides only take 7 seconds to go down, so it's over in a flash, but you may want to get in line again to re-experience it. Watch the video and decide which of these slides you would most like to try out.***

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