The battle between eBook versus books are getting tighter now and very debatable. With the modern digital world that we are living today, downloadable music is already set to replace CDs, and the next format battle begins. Who will then come on top: eBooks or printed books? As I speak for myself, I loved both. BUT nothing beats the smell of paper as you flip gently through its pages with your fingers. It is one of the aspects that electronic eBook version cannot derived.

In my case as of today, I travel a lot. Therefore, bringing books might be as well just give me an extra baggage particularly when I intend to finish one book and bring another, so I bring my tablet with me to avoid a hassle. Aside that it is handy, it allows me to bring my whole library of books wherever I go lighter than a standard paperback. I am also fond of reading in bed, so eBooks are easy to use without even using lights.

Way back in my college days, I loved collecting books in different genres. Most of the time, I am fond of collecting fiction, fantasy, and self-help books. With the evolution of gadgets today, the era of digital books reign.So I guess I’ll be needing to stack all my old books on my cabinet or simply make some nerdy transformations of my bookshelves out of it. You don’t need to spend a lot of money just to build fancy bookcases. You can try the two-step ladders and other planks of woods. Without any tools required, you can set up your bookshelf within a minute. For more information and accurate ideas, you can click the link seen below or simply visit ‘The Very Best Top 10’ website for more details. Have fun!

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