Top 10 Sailing Cruises

See the world! Traveling is one of the things that people should be doing in this lifetime to broaden your horizons. Travelling gives you an opportunity for life experiences and a glimpse at how and where other people live. It is not good to just work so you could pay your bills and work some more so that you only pay your debts. Yes, take responsibility for your day to day things, but at the same time you also have to remember that life is short. Include travel in your time here in life and inspire others to do the same. Travelling refreshes your soul and gives you a new appreciation of things. That said, we would like to encourage you to pack your bags and go on a cruising trip. Ready your savings and check out some of the world’s top sailing cruises.

1. Nova Scotia and Labrador Tall Ships, Canada- you can enjoy more than just going on a cruise trip with this ship because you can always go for a hike, a kayak adventure and even picking wild blueberries when this cruise ship docks in harbors you probably haven’t even heard of. One of the best parts here to save money here is that you can also sign up as a crewmember in training.

2. San Juan Islands in Washington, USA- if you are in the mood for some island hopping, then this is the cruise trip that you are looking for. Get ready to discover the many islands in the San Juan Archipelago, which is located off the coast of the State of Washington. You will be taken care of by the staff here feeding you will only with gourmet meals. You can also go on an adventure doing kayak once the ship docks.

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