Top 10 Sandwich Recipes

Sandwiches are one of those popular food items around the world. Many people will eat sandwiches for breakfast and snack time, but there are even those that will choose a sandwich for any meal. I, myself, am a sandwich lover. I can relate to the people out there who cannot go a day without devouring their favorite sandwich. So from one sandwich lover to another, here are some mouth watering sandwich recipes that you should definitely try out:

1. Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil Sandwich - This is a raw sandwich and does not need any heat or cooking time. You just need the basic ingredients on hand and you can whip this sandwich together.

2. Deli Style Roast Beef - This sandwich is very delicious, but it may be costly for some due to the higher deli meat prices. A great way to save on roast beef is to cook your own from scratch and then slice it into thin sandwich meat.

3. The World's Best Steak-Umms - This is a spicy steak sandwich that is balanced out with a hint of sweetness. See the recipe to learn these secrete ingredients.

4. Shooter's Sandwich - This type of sandwich is heavy with meat and is a favorite for hunters going out shooting for the day. Not a hunter? Perhaps you can just take it on a picnic to watch some squirrels and wildlife at the park.

5. "Krabby" Patty Recipe - Based on the name, you may think that this sandwich is made of crab meat, right? However, these little 'knock offs' are actually made of chum, and in this gourmet case, shrimp!

These are just a few of the mouth watering sandwich recipes you can try. Visit the 'Instructables' website to see the full list and details of these sandwich recipes.

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