Top 10 Steps to Making a Perfect Roast Chicken

Itís okay to be meticulous when it comes to roasting your chicken. If are that type of person in the kitchen, then you will appreciate our top 10 steps to making a perfect roast chicken. This recipe includes roast potatoes, broccoli, and some carrots. Youíre about to embark on cooking a traditional French meal, but donít be intimidated by it because youíll be surprised at how easy the process is. Just take note of these steps and youíre good to go.

There is something about a perfect roast chicken that is simply hard to resist. A good roast chicken recipe will have a vegetarian considering crossing to the other side. That aroma of chicken roasting, always reminds us of home and home cooked meals. You know that smell, the one that you often experience when you walk into your grocery store or favorite restaurant that offers the delicious recipe.

1. The first thing you need to do is to shop for all the ingredients. You will need some chicken, broccoli, large carrots, potatoes, heavy cream, chicken stock, unsalted butter, garlic, thyme and bay leaves. Just make sure that all the ingredients are fresh. Also, donít forget to include sugar, salt and pepper. You must always have them ready at home, so you donít need to include them in your grocery list.

2. Ready your vegetables. Prepping is something that you must do before you start cooking because this makes your work lighter when your stove starts heating up. Hereís something new that you can learn today. The French term for preparing your veggies is called ďmise en place.Ē In English, ďput in place.Ē Moving on to this topic, peeling your potatoes and have them all cut into quarters are the first few things that you must do in line with this step. Next is to cut the broccolis individually, followed by peeling your carrots slicing into rings measuring about 5mm thick. Now, your vegetables are set!

3. Itís time to ready your chicken. Make sure that you have washed and dried both its inner and outer part. Take away all the giblets that are inside its cavity, then insert a clove of garlic in it and just make sure that the skin is removed. Put all the herbs inside the cavity as well, and donít forget to season it with salt and pepper. Smear the outer part of the chicken with butter. Before you turn on the oven and heat it to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, you must tie the legs of the chicken first have the wings tucked underneath.

Did you know that adding butter to a recipe, or using it to cook, is one of the best ways to add flavor? You'll want to use unsalted butter so you don't have too much salt in the recipe. Cooking a steak in a pan with some butter and oil (the oil is used so the butter won't burn), is the best thing you can do for yourself. Remember you want to use real butter, and not margarine if you want the best taste.

As with any recipe you will want to be sure and use the freshest ingredients you possibly can. Of course you might not be able to go out and get chicken fresh from the farm, but your local butcher is a good start, or a grocery store that has locally raised poultry. Same goes for the vegetables you use, if you can go to a farmers market that's always great, but again using some locally grown produce is the best way to get the best tasting veggies that will make all the difference when you try your hand at making the perfect roast chicken recipe. There is also something extra rewarding about knowing where the ingredients you cook with come from, it makes you appreciate your food that much more.

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