Top 10 Strange And Creepy Reasons Not To Eat Fast Food

Who doesn’t love eating fast foods? But did you know that eating fast food can mean eating things that you are not really expecting to be part of the preparation of these foods?

Below are TEN of the reasons why you should think twice before eating fast foods:

10. Chick-Fil-A Gets Homophobic

In June 2013, a food chain organization uncovered a chicken sandwich chain that was “homophobic”. Yes, they are against the LGBT community. As a matter of fact, the CEO of Chick-Fil-A has made a couple of statements that he and his company are very strongly against same-sex marriage. And as expected, it has created an outburst and boycott from many people especially the LGBT community.

9. Ajisen Ramen Soup Base Scandal

Ajisen Ramen is a Chinese famous fast-food chain. Their noodle soup and the stock used for the soup came from “a broth of pork bones cooked to perfection.” This broth was the 'secret' recipe in their entire business operation.

However, in 2011, some reliable media had revealed that their secret broth recipe was just made from concentrates and flavoring powders and not actual pork bone stock. The same chain also claimed that their stock was extremely nutritious having four times the calcium content of milk, and ten times like it is in meat. This proved untrue, and they have lost their good reputation although they still remain operational.

8. Burger King’s Horse Burgers

Burger King Stores in Europe faced a huge scandal in 2013 when it was discovered through DNA on their burger meat that it was not 100 percent horse free. Burger King quickly severed its ties with the meat company and gave the public a huge apology and very little information was leaked to the public about this embarrassment.

7. Domino’s YouTube Scandal

Domino’s Pizza learned this the tough way when in 2009, several of its workers recorded a video in which one of them put uncooked materials in his nose, and then put them in the food they were cooking for a customer. They uploaded the video on YouTube, and then it became an immediate Internet sensation. This type of media is hard to regain public trust from and shows you that you just don't always know what is going on with the people that are preparing you food!

6. Pizza Hut Delivery

In 2011, a Pizza Hut delivery man from Iowa momentarily converted into the world’s least favored individual to handle food. When the consumer didn’t give him what he felt was a sufficient tip, the delivery man decided to leave a small tip of his own and urinated on her front door. Well, and the rest is history. The Pizza Hut manager did the right thing, firing the delivery person and apologizing to the customer...disgrutntled employees can make a mess of your business so be careful who you hire and how you treat your employees!

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