Top 10 Strange Ways We Make Food Last Longer

FOOD and the preservation of it. How are our foods being kept to last longer? Below are ten strange ways being used to help prevent your foods from being spoiled.

10. Radiation

Food irradiation is a method where the foods are visible to ionizing radiation so that it will kill or debilitate germs and microorganisms. If it is done properly, the procedure can deliberate or even totally halt rotting.

9. High-Pressure Processing (Pascalization)

Have you ever pondered why some foodstuffs stated they ensure no additives, nonetheless they have a questionably lengthy shelf lifespan?This is done with by High-Pressure Processing. The food is subjected to extreme pressure around 50,000 pounds per square inch up to 15 minutes. This particular pressure can inactivate microbes, and foods such as guacamole that will normally last three days can last up to a month. Researches have found that 'Pascalization' can double levels of healthy natural antioxidants in fruit.

8. Burying

Many people believed that burying is always associated with decomposition. The truth is that, burying foods can help it prevent against spoiling agents like lights and oxygen. Just make sure the food is dry, salty or even frozen.

7. Jugging

This may be quite odd to some, but this strange method is often applied to canning meat. The outcome of the procedure is tasty, stew-like meal that is preserved in the tightly shut jug. Jugging is quite common in English and French kitchen until now. No wonder they are countries with the best foods, right?

6. Plasma

The specific plasma they use is not the damaging. Rather, fruits are bombarded with plasma that is ionized particles which extend the life of the fruit.

5. Blast Chilling

This method is the simplest and effective way to make food last longer. Not only it helps preserve your food, it also gives a better taste and appeal to your food.

4. Aspic and Confit

Aspic is the gelatin that prevent the air from rotting the food, also gives a better taste to the meal. Meanwhile, confit also depends on closing off the air. Both are esteemed cooking techniques. In France, it is regard a fabulous delicacy.

3. Modified Atmosphere

This is a trick that artificially makes an atmosphere that prevents the food from spoiling.

2. Lye Treatment

Lye is a very strong alkaline liquid that is extremely corrosive and highly poisonous. The thing that makes it interesting is that it is also utilized for food preservation. Isn’t this amazing?

1. Letting Nature Take its Course

By nature means “just let the food be and see the results”, in other word it is call fermentation. Great examples are beer, wine, dairy products, and others. The end of this result is edible!

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