Top 10 Super Cool Kitchen Tricks That Totally Speed Up Your Cooking

For anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, you will want to take a look at these top 10 super cool kitchen tricks that totally speed up your cooking! We can all use some kitchen tips and kitchen tricks every now and again, they help to speed things up in the kitchen and get meals on the table that much quicker.

The first kitchen trick on the list is using a wooden spoon in deseeding a pomegranate. Pomegranates are so tasty, but sometimes we stay away from them because they can be time consuming to get all the seeds out. You will want to watch the step by step kitchen tip tutorial to see exactly how to do this kitchen trick. With this easy kitchen tip you need a wooden spoon, a bowl and a knife. It is recommended to keep the pomegranate in the refrigerator, that way the seeds will be cold. If you leave the fruit on the counter it will continue ripening and will be sweeter. To start you take the pomegranate and score it around the center with a knife. Then break the pomegranate in half gently. Then with your hands gently stretch the pomegranate open to loosen up the seeds a bit. Then with the wooden spoon, with the pomegranate over the bowl, start hitting the back of the pomegranate. It will take you about ten seconds until all of the pomegranate seeds fall out, it's that simple. You will love this kitchen trick.

If you like hard boiled eggs, you'll love this next kitchen trick. One of the most annoying parts of eating hard boiled eggs is having to peel the shell off of the egg. To avoid the tedious task of peeling the shell off the egg, start by boiling the eggs in a pot of water with about a teaspoon of baking soda in the water. Boil the water for approximately 12 minutes, then cool the water by throwing some ice in when done. Then take the hardboiled egg and tap the tip on the counter, then tap the other end on the counter to crack. Then blow the tip and the egg will pop out! You'll want to watch the short step by step kitchen trick tutorial to see exactly how this is done.

Here is a kitchen trick that will save you time when you put cases of soda into the refrigerator. Putting soda in the refrigerator one by one may be tiring on your part. However, you do it one by one if you can put the 12 pieces of soda simultaneously? What you need to do here is open the package where 12 pieces of canned soda are boxed. Make sure to open both ends.

Another kitchen trick on the list is repurposing a squeeze bottle to make perfect pancakes. Pouring pancake batter into a frying pan can be a mess. So instead of dripping pancake batter all over the place, you can use an old condiment bottle and put the pancake batter inside of it. Then you can just squeeze the pancake batter into the frying pan, making perfect pancakes every time. This simple kitchen tip will give you perfectly shaped pancakes, without the messy drips or unevenness that pouring causes. Just make sure that your squeeze bottle is cleaned out throughly first.

Other kitchen tricks you will find include cutting an apple in half with your bare hands. You don't actually need to use a knife in cutting apples in half. All you need to do is remove the stem and put your hands near the hole and use a great force to break it apart in half. Another kitchen trick is using a blender to decant wines. Decanting wine is a process in order to make the wine better-tasting. Since it is a process, it actually takes time. But believe it or not, this can be done in just a minute by using a blender.

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