Top 10 UFO Hoax Videos

People love entertainment, that's why the industry is so massive for things like movies, events, and music. Another popular form of entertainment is anything controversial, and aliens are probably somewhere at the top of the list, but of course you can't believe everything you see and here's proof with the top 10 UFO hoax videos. I'm not sure what compels people to want to create a fake video of aliens, I guess they get a good kick out of tricking millions of people. It's like an April fools joke that gets played at all times of the year. While it used to be quite difficult to fake a video, as technology became more and more sophisticated, so did all the shenanigans that people can come up with.

The site that this top 10 UFO hoax videos is featured on is called "Educating Humanity" and their aim is to bring to the public information about the world that they feel is educational and important. Over time thousands of UFO sightings have been documented, sometimes it's just people fabricating events in their imagination. Other times, it's someone who is deliberately trying to deceive people. Then there's the odd time where the event seems to go against all the laws of physics and leaves people confused.

It's a huge debate that has been going on for what feels like forever. Do aliens truly exist? Are there UFO's in the sky that come down to see us simple humans out of curiosity, or perhaps with an alternative agenda that nobody knows. Does the government know and they are just trying to keep it hidden in order for people not to be scared? The questions and the answers are many, and it will probably be a long time before we ever know for sure. But technology continues to further in its improvements and we may know in the future but until then we can rack our brains for explanations. It feels as though intelligence on earth is at an all time high, but when you compare it to all the things we don't know, we can realize just how long of a ways we have to go in understanding the life around us.

Apparently UFO sightings didn't actually occur until 1947 after which many of them began to pop up around the nation. The reasons for this is unclear, but it's still fascinating to think about. Some of these videos are definitely hoaxes, while others are a little more strange. There are 10 of them in total, and you can submit more to the site if you feel as though they are missing some good ones. They tried to list all the most popular occurrences over the years to bring you the best UFO sightings. There are a variety of people that captured the footage that you're about to see, some of it was from newscasters, while others are home videos where people caught the UFO's on tape themselves. So have fun and checkout this article on the "Educating Humanity" website today.

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