Keeping your desk neat is a must, and for that to happen, you must have the right cleaning tools with you. A vacuum cleaner is one of those that is perfect to get this job done. Your desk is one of those places that could acquire a lot of dust and other small particles that don't need to be present in that area because they only cause clutter and some allergy to dust mites. Making sure that you maintain its cleanliness can be done by having a vacuum cleaner specifically made for desks. Here are some of the vacuum cleaners that you might be interested in and want to own, not just because of their function but also how they look.

1. R2-D2 Desk Vacuum Cleaner- if you are a Star Wars avid fan, then itís a must to have this on your desk. It is efficient in sucking all those tiny dust off of your desk, and it also makes your desk look cool!

2. Dust Extinguisher- this one looks like a fire extinguisher. Although it is quite small, you will be surprised how it could remove all the dust from your desk with just one push of a button.

3. Ladybug Mini Vacuum Cleaner- these donít just work as vacuum cleaners, but they are also good as a paperweight. It has three available colours; green, red and yellow. They will look good on your table, so they also serve a good desk decorator.

4. Popcorn Vacuum Cleaner- if you love snacks and if you love popcorn, then this desk cleaner might just make you crave for one. It does look like popcorn, and it also does vacuum away remnants of the popcorn that you ate at your desk. It could get messy when you snack on it, so better get ready with this desk cleaner.

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