Top 10 Ways To Save Money On Food

Food. Here comes my one and only true love once again. Hey Food, my love! You've paid me a visit! I miss you. “You can’t possibly miss me. We always see each other, like 20 hours a day.” Oh, right. Well, so what’s up for today? “I’m going to tell you how to save money. On me.” Wait, what? What do you mean? “I’m sorry, my love. But we got to do this. Sometimes, you have to spend less on me too so you can save more for the rainy days to come.” But food--- “No more ‘buts’, sweetie pie. This time, I will tell you three of the top 10 ways to save food. Ok?”

“First, you can buy in bulk. It is always way cheaper than buying food in smaller portions. However, there is a big ‘no-no’. Don’t ever buy food in bulk if your plan is only to use the item one time. In other words, you should make this food item regularly, or your bulk buy will end up taking up room in the pantry and not get eaten!

Second, if you collect coupons, use them! It is one of the best ways to save a lot a few dollars. The company’s purpose on this is to attract more customers. So why not?! Make use of it and enjoy the benefits. You might ask how such things work. You just buy items that have coupons on them. But once again, do not buy things you don’t prefer or like just because they are cheaper and have coupons. Do not buy the items at all if you are just going to place them in the corner while they rot. It’s not going to help in saving money anyway.

And lastly, be nice and compassionate, and keep the leftovers. Imagine millions of hungry children if you are considering throwing away those leftovers. Put it into a container and have it the next day for lunches, or you can freeze leftovers in individual portions and pull them out on those busy days that you don't have time to cook.

Using a recipe every time (if you are a beginner) means restricting yourself to only what the recipe calls for. Use you creativity cooking skills and create your own recipes using what you have if the refrigerator and your pantry. Oh yeah? Amazing isn't it? You can become an instant chef. *winks* Anyway, these are just few of the many ways to save money on me. For the rest, you can visit List Verse’s website by clicking the link below.”

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