Top 10 Weirdest Foods in the World

Growing up, we've become accustomed to certain foods and tastes. We have favorites, and we tend to favor flavors more familiar to us. It is quite common to hear of new and different dishes when you go travelling or go to new restaurants. Many people have grown used to fusion cuisine, or mixing two different cultural dishes to make one dish. By combining different elements from culinary styles and traditions, our taste buds are treated to a whole new world of tastes and flavors. Although we have become more adventurous with our palates, there are still some dishes that seem bizarre and unusual to us. Are you brave enough to try these ten weird foods around the world?

1. Fried Tarantula = This delicacy is quite common and famous in Cambodia. The tarantulas are drenched in sugar, salt and garlic and then fried whole. And maybe a little hairy, I might imagine.

2. Puffer Fish = Known to be a poisonous fish, great care and proper expertise is needed to prepare this as a dish. It is the most famous dish in the National Cuisine of Japan.

3. Casu Marzu = This Sardinian sheep milk cheese goes beyond the typical fermentation process to a state of decomposition. The weird thing about it is that is has live larvae or maggots and some people prefer eating the maggots with the cheese. Its texture becomes very soft, almost liquid and when eaten will leave an aftertaste for several hours.

4. Chitterlings = Pig's small intestines. Famous in Spain as Gallinejas and the dish includes sheep's small intestines, spleen, and pancreas, fried in their own fat hence, forming small spirals. The dish is served hot with French fries.

5. Birds Nest Soup = Translated as yn wō in Chinese, when dissolved in water the edible bird's nest becomes gelatinous and is used for soup. It is prized in the Chinese culture due to its exquisite flavor.

6. Balut = This popular street food in the Philippines, is basically a fertilized duck embryo egg, boiled and then eaten with salt and vinegar and sometimes pepper, garlic and lime juice or as the Filipinos call "kalamansi".

7. Hakarl = Its strong smell may overcome your senses and stop you from tasting it altogether. This shark dish famous in Iceland should not be eaten raw since it is poisonous. Letting the meat dry and decay for 4-5 months removes uric acid from the flesh, thus making it edible.

8. Live Octopus = As you might be thinking, eating live octopus can be difficult and tricky. Aside from it being slimy, the tentacles are still moving. But the Koreans seem to have gotten the hang of it and using chopsticks at that.

9. Kopi Luwak = Basically, Asian Palm Civets eat the coffee seeds then defecate it. It is then gathered, washed and dried to make expensive, albeit, bad-tasting coffee.

10. Thousand Year Old Eggs = Not pleasing to the eyes yet pleasant to the taste buds.

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