Top 10 Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Yes! This delectable and sweet frozen dairy treat is well-loved and highly in demand, especially to children. Ice cream is never boring. There are over 1,800 different ice cream flavors offered by several companies. From the well-loved classics vanilla, chocolate and strawberry to the more complex cookie dough, rocky road or mint chocolate chip, there's a flavor for every possible craving for every type of person. However, we did find some weird ice cream flavors and we're quite curious on how the taste;

1. Cheese Risotto = This actually sounds more like a main dish than a dessert. Don't you think?

2. Viagra = Containing gingko biloba, arginine and guarana, this flavor does exactly what its namesake pill does. Only found in Japan, you are only allowed one portion per days as not to be over stimulated and overdosed.

3. Black Sesame = made with black sesame paste and the other primary ingredients for making ice cream, the end product usually is color grey. Not exactly an appetizing color, however, it is said to taste really good.

4. Horse Meat = I've heard of bacon ice cream and I'm willing to try that any day. But horse meat? I'm not really sure. Another one from Japan, this flavor includes raw horse flesh in its ingredients. Hmmm... maybe not.

5. Haggis or Sheep Intestine = The haggis is mixed well inside the ice cream. I'm not sure if that's going to make it taste better though.

6. Cheeseburger = Now this is a little more palatable for me. With real burger meat, cheese and even french fries in the ingredients this dessert sounds like a whole meal to me.

7. Fish = Sound "fishy" doesn't it? Well, the word fish does seem to be associated with a strong and foul smell. You won't smell it in the ice cream however, since brandy is a main ingredient and helps drown out the smell. I wish we could say the same about the taste though.

8. French Toast = Breakfast in a dessert. Sounds great to me! From the geniuses at Baskin Robbin's.

9. Garlic = It's basically vanilla ice cream with garlic. Still having the smooth, sweet and creamy taste of ice cream with a hint of garlic. Feedback on this flavor have been more on the positive end.

10. Breast Milk = Best for babies and adults apparently. Made with Madagascan vanilla pods, lemon zest and fresh breast milk, this flavor which was originally introduced in a London shop called Icecreamists. According to the founder Matt O'Connor, just like any other ice cream flavor, breast milk ice cream is rich and creamy.

So, which of the following flavors do you fancy trying first?

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