Top 15 Mysterious Things Found Frozen In Ice (Watch Video)

Around the world, there have been some pretty interesting things that have been discovered in ice. Many of these finds are links to history and tell stories of past lives to include both humans and animals. You will want to watch the video that shows the top 15 mysterious things found frozen in ice. The following are just some of the mysteries found on the list.

1. A 500-year-old frozen Incan mummy found is known as The Maiden. She was suffering from a bacterial infection when she died and with modern technology it the disease that she had was able to be diagnosed. Being able to diagnose the disease could lead to new insights into diseases of the past. The discovery of this mummy could help defend against new illnesses or the re-emergence of diseases of the past. The frozen mummy was suffering from an illness that is similar to tuberculosis when she was sacrificed on the Argentinian volcano Llullaillaco, located 22,100 feet above sea level. In September of 1995, during an ascent of Mt. Ampato located at 20,700 feet. Reinhard and Zárate found a bundle inside the crater that had fallen from an Inca site on the summit. To the pairs astonishment, the bundle turned out to contain the frozen body of a young Incan girl. They also found many items that had been left as offerings to the Inca gods strewn about the mountain slope down which her body had fallen. These offerings included statues and food items. A couple of days later, the body and the items were transported to Arequipa, where the frozen body was kept in a special refrigerator at Catholic University.

2. At 29, 029 feet Mount Everest in Nepal is the highest mountain in the world. Over the years, the mountain has attracted all sorts of attention from highly experienced mountaineers along with climbers who are willing to hire professional guides. A trip to Mount Everest’s summit costs about $25,000 to $60,000, and if you’re planning to take the climb the peak, you should be warned, because sometimes the climb can also cost you your life. Climbers seeking to climb the summit usually spend a substantial amount of time within the death zone. This is the zone that is higher than 26,000 feet. The death zone is where climbers have to face significant challenges such as altitude sickness, frostbite, extreme weather conditions, and avalanches to survive the mountain’s higher regions. Unfortunately, not all of the climbers survive. Many climbers up Everest have said that the hardest part of the climb is neither the dangerous and strenuous ascent nor descent, but it is the fact that they will be passing more than 240 dead bodies frozen on the mountain.

3. The body of a 37,000-year-old baby mammoth was found frozen in the artic tundra. The frozen mammoth is starting to reveal new insights about the now-extinct ice age animals. Perfectly preserved, the frozen baby mammoth looks like she has been asleep only for a moment, not the 37,000 years she has spent locked in the rock hard permafrost of the Arctic tundra. You will still find clumps of brown hair clinging to the three-foot tall body, which hints at the coarse coat that would have once covered the infant. Even her eyelashes are intact.

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