Totally Amazing Collapsing DIY Wood Pallet Benches

Wooden pallets are being to make all sorts of things these days, and it is really popular in the DIY world to reuse and recycle these pieces of wood and make them into something that can be utilized around the home. Like these Wood Pallet Benches for example! This is a really neat and innovative way to make some really funky looking benches. They even have some planters in the back for you to put in some cute plants or flowers! The interesting design with wheels on the bottom, allows for these 2 large benches to fold up in many different ways. So they can be sitting back to back or side by side, even folded right up for storage if need be.

When you see these awesome benches you are totally going to want to go out and get some pallets and make them into these very cool looking and functional wooden benches. I love all of the stuff that is coming out being made out of wooden pallets. It is such a great way to use these items that would otherwise maybe just go to waste in a landfill when they are not being used for their original use shipping things. We have made some things out of pallets around our place, a compost bin and some planters in the past. Just down the street from us a man made a few benches out of pallets, kind of similar to these ones and has them sitting out in front of his little grocery store. They are really cute and so nice that people have something to sit on as the pass through the neighbourhood.

Maybe you can build these benches yourself and have them for your yard! Head over to ‘ The Bench‘ by following the link in the description below for more!

Learn MORE at The Bench

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