Traditional Toronto Residence Embraces A Sleek And Minimal Renovation

When I have my own house, I will prefer a neat and minimalistic one, just like this dwelling in Toronto. This traditional three-story house has been converted and renovated into a sleek and minimal home under Catlin Stothers, an interior designer and artist. Good job, Ms. Catlin! “I am planning to turn my house into this kind of house too. What should I do?” Well, if we look at this house in Toronto and your house they have one thing in common: renovation. Both have to undergo it. Your question should be what are the things that you should remember in renovating your house? No problem. I am going to tell you. These two simple tips are just like what the homeowner has to follow in renovating this home.

According to Erin McLaughlin, you need to look at your budget before doing a house renovation. This is a golden rule that we should all follow. Renovating is fun, but it’s not something to take lightly. Make sure that you know how much you are going to spend and what you can afford. If you are a flashy kind of a person and you don't have that much money, you might have to adjust instead of your money adjusting to you.

Having a newly-renovated and fancy house is cool, but it’s not going to be when your debts start to chase you.

Am I making sense? Anyway, how are you going to set your budget? “Talk to a friend who has been through a similar Reno, do as much window shopping and cost-comparisons that you can do. Make sure that you tack on at least an extra 20% for those inevitable issues that will spring up. And check your budget with your contractor or trades regularly to make sure you're on track. Finally, don't borrow to renovate if you can. A Reno is much more satisfying if you save up the necessary funds before your renovate,” McLaughlin says. Now that’s what I'm talking about. *winks*

Second, renovate for the future. There nothing wrong with following what’s trendy, but in renovating, being trendy is not always the way to go. “A rule of thumb for renovating is that doing a high-quality job in a classic style is exactly that: classic.” Always look for high-quality materials; no matter how off those are from the trend. As stated by McLaughlin, “forget about being a slave to fashion-instead, think how dated those olive-green appliances look 20 years later. At the end of the day, there's nothing more classic than a basic white refrigerator or a white pedestal sink.” You see? It’s not about the style. It’s about the quality, my good friend.

Most of all, have fun in renovating your home! *winks*For the meantime, if you truly go for a sleek and minimal renovation, you can check out Decoist’s website to see this Toronto residence and maybe have this as your inspiration. Enjoy!

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