Try This Simple Amazing Tricks To Make Spring Cleaning So Much Easier

When it comes to cleaning around the house, you can't have too many household cleaning tips, especially when there's so much to do. You will want to take a look at the 20 simple house cleaning tips to make spring cleaning so much easier. The following are just some of the cleaning house tips you will find on the list.

1. You are sure to love this house cleaning tip that uses a dustpan to fill up a tub of water for mopping.

2. One thing you wouldn't think to use Coca-Cola for is a house cleaning tip for cleaning the toilet. The reason that Coke works for house cleaning tips is that of its acidic nature. One of the house cleaning tips that Coke can be used for includes removing rust rings from your toilet. If rust rings are a problem in your toilet try pouring a full can of the soda pop around the rim so that it fully covers the ring. Then let the Coke sit for at least an hour while the acids from the Coke break down the stains. Then scrub away the stubborn stains with a toilet brush, and flush. If the soda pop doesn't work, you can then try a pumice stone to scrub away the stain.

3. Use a lemon to get rid of hard water stains. This house cleaning recipe has to be one of the best green cleaning products, and all it takes is half of a lemon that has been dipped in some salt. Then you take the halved lemon and scrub away all that grime and dirt in the bathtub. What's left is a sparkling tub that smells fresh and clean. There's nothing quite like the smell of a fresh lemon. It's fresh and sweet and will leave your bathroom smelling citrusy and clean. And the good news is that it's safe to use around your family and the environment. You can also use the rind of the lemon on stubborn areas. Once done rinse everything clean and use a microfiber cloth to help shine. You can also use this lemon house cleaning trick to clean your bathroom and kitchen sinks, toilets, floor tiles and more.

4. Use the Magic Eraser. Clean the white grout in your house effortlessly. The Magic Eraser can be used for a wide variety of household cleaning tips and tricks. Use it to remove set-in tea stains in teapots or cups, or for any plastic pitcher. You can also use the Magic Eraser for the textured plastic parts of the computer monitor, keyboard and mouse.

5. A simple house cleaning tip to get pet fur off of furniture or the carpet is to use a window squeegee.

6. Use coarse salt to clean cast iron. One natural kitchen house cleaning tip for cleaning cast iron frying pans is to use coarse or kosher salt. You can just toss some coarse or kosher salt into a cast iron skillet and start scrubbing. You can also make a paste out of the kosher salt, and you have one of the best all natural cleaners you will find.

7. For the tracks on sliding doors or window panes use some white vinegar and a cloth to get these areas spotless.

8. To de-pill, your clothes use a razor and some tape. You can de-pill your winter clothes before you put them away and de-pill your spring clothes after taking them out of storage.

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