Tupac Shakur Hall of Fame Induction Locks In Snoop Dogg, Likely Dr. Dre

It looks like Snoop Dog will be leading the tribute for Tupac Shakur this year. Pac will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame April 7th, and Snoop is preparing to lead a group of West Coast rappers which will most likely include Dr. Dre and others from Death Row Records. It's going to be like a reunion for the members of the record label and the perfect way to pay tribute to Pac who passed away September 13, 1996, from a gunshot wound caused by a drive-by shooting seven days earlier. Tupac is still honored by millions of people as one of the greatest artists of all time. He was a rapper, a poet, an actor and an activist. Most of his material focused on what it was like to live in the hood and all of the violence and trauma that occurs in the inner city areas.

Born June 16, 1971, in East Harlem, Manhattan in New York City, Pac had firsthand experience with everything he wrote about and was raised by two Black Panther activists which sparked his interest in speaking out about the injustices he witnessed happening around him. He was given the name Lesane Parish Crooks by his parents, but then in 1972 he was renamed Tupac Amaru and given his mother's maiden name, Shakur. He was named after the last Incan emperor, Túpac Amaru II, a revolutionary who was killed after leading the native Peruvians in an uprising against the Spanish invaders. Pac certainly took on this revolutionary mindset, and everything he did in his life was dedicated to helping people.

Tupac started his music career with the Digital Underground and then moved on to create his solo career with his first album, 2Pacalypse Now. He moved out to the West Coast and joined Death Row Records and released his hit single "California Love" which will definitely be one of the three songs performed at his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. His record, All Eyez on Me was one of the records he was contracted to do with Death Row, and it came out in 1996, the same year he died.

Hundreds of thousands of people mourned the rapper's death, and he is honored as a legend and one of history's best rappers and most influential artists. All of the rappers from the 90s have said that Pac was one of their biggest inspirations and that he was a master at what he did. He still lives on through his music that spreads the messages he wanted to share. Snoop Dog actually did a tribute performance with a hologram of Tupac on April 15, 2012, at Coachella music festival and the hologram of Pac performed "Hail Mary" and "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted" with Snoop on stage. It was their way of bringing Pac into the Millenium and celebrating all of his amazing artistry. The induction at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should be a pretty epic event in it's own right, and it's only appropriate that Pac is going to be in the Hall of Fame with all of music's other legends. If you're into reading up on more celebrity news online, check out celeb sites like TMZ to stay current on all the latest trending news. You can read other articles about Tupac on the TMZ website including one on Tupac's "Dear Mama" handwritten lyrics being up for sale, or his workout bench being for sale. There's also a movie that's supposed to come out about Pac called All Eyez on Me that's been in production since 2013.***

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