Turn a Terracotta Pot into a Mini Barbecue for On-the-Go Grilling

While it may appear that this standard terracotta flower pot is on fire, well; it is. And why, you ask? It's not an ecological technique simulating forest fires to open tree seedlings if that's what you thought. Nor is it a high schooler's controlled napalm experiment. And while attractive to a degree, this flaming Home Sense accoutrement isn't a backyard garden torch. No, this slightly odd beauty is a masterful if not curious form of controlled fire, offering us with an innovative technique for transforming a standard terracotta pot into a mini barbecue for on-the-go grilling.

This how-to comes to us from the home and DIY masters at Household Hacker - a Youtube channel focusing on everything from pranks to "Quick and Simple Life Hacks", science segments, and more - via Rececca Shinners, web editorial assistant at CountryLiving.com, a specialist in house tours, DIYs, and food. While more of a combined garden-incendiary, this planter-barbecue piece can be found crossing either of Country Living's Gardening Tips and Design Ideas sections, both replete with useful, simple, and easy-to-implement tips for the DIY enthusiast. DIY is short for do it yourself projects which you will find plenty of if you take a look on the web.

Now, to flammables. Any terracotta pot will do, even a used one; it just needs to be cleaned out. Size matters in this case as you'll need a pot big enough to accommodate the food you wish to grill, in addition to having enough surface area for an adequate sized charcoal fire. Cut a circle of wire mesh the diameter of the pot, line the bottom with aluminum foil, add charcoal, light and allow to burn for several minutes, set mesh on top for your grilling surface, and "ta-dah"; grill. Now they do make things called "camping stoves" for this very purpose, however they do not come with a surface suitable for grilling. They also burn propane and thus cannot nearly replicate that most unbeatably sensational flavour and summer backyard BBQ smell. This is reason enough to go for the terra-flammable option.

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