Turn an Old, Crappy Piece of Wood Into a Beautiful Reclaimed Wood Heirloom

There are so many incredible ideas and inspiration of things that people are building out of reclaimed wood from old barns, fences, houses, and even driftwood. Its not something you can find in a store, you must go on a search in nature or on a farm (that you have permission to be on of course) to find your piece of wood with a story behind it. This post gives you ideas of how you can make old wood into something new again. There are many things you can build out of reclaimed wood, just as many as you can build out of new bought wood, so the options are endless really. The nice thing about the reclaimed wood is that instead of buying something new and spending more money you are recycling something and giving it new life. Then you have a piece of furniture with a story!

My step dad used a bunch of wood from his farm and made them into picture frames! I love the ones he gave to me and always get compliments from people visiting our house on how cool they are! They are old and rustic looking and have a personality of their own. They stood as a chicken coop, for many many years on the farm and now they are in my home being well loved and repurposed. Its like giving it a second life! You can make so many different things out of the re-purposed wood, frames, tea light holders - if they are treated not to catch on fire- tables, bed frames, coat racks, benches, the list goes on! It feels good to take something and make it new again, and with the growing popularity of the rustic chic look I think the majority of people would tend to agree!

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