Twin Toddlers Escape from Cribs to Have Overnight Party

This viral video might just be the funniest thing you see all day. When New York parents of twin toddler boys Andrew and Ryan Balkin are put to bed in their cribs the other night, the video shows that the boys had other plans. The adorable twin toddlers were filmed in their room with a Nest monitoring system that shows the boys were doing everything but sleeping. The boys climb out of their cribs and run around their room nonstop. The two-year-old boys jumped on pillows and had little chats and their couch throughout the night. Their parents Jonathan and Susana Balkin put them back to bed when they realized the boys were still awake, and that still didn't stop them, they played on. Father Jonathan posted the clip and said When the parents are away the Cubs will play. The funny hyper-lapse video has been viewed more than 11 million times on Facebook. You will want to take a look for yourself at this hilarious antics of these energetic toddlers.

The whole night was captured on the boy's room's Nest monitoring system. After the boys were put to sleep for the night, one of the twins has other things on his mind and pulls himself out of his crib and starts moving cushions around before he is then joined by his brother. The boys stack a few pillows on the ground before taking a seat on the sofa and having a bit of a conversation. The deep conversation doesn't last very long before they are again gathering all the pillows in the room and stacking them up. Once completing the ambitious cushioned pile, the boys roll around on the pillows in a fun gymnastics session. The boys must have been making some noise because their father enters the room and sees that they are still awake. He cleans up the pillows and puts the boys back in their cribs. But as soon as the door shuts, the twins are back at it again and throw their pillows on the floor, rebuilding the pillow mountain. The boys run around the room, hopping in and out of their cribs, have another conversation, before both parents bust up the party again and put them back into their beds.

Still, this didn't mean the night was over for the boys. They get out of their cribs for the third time to chat on the couch before deciding to call it a night. Since the video was posted, it has been viewed more than 11 million times, shared more than 100,000 times and liked more than 53,000 times. It seems this isn't the first time the toddlers escaped from their cribs and had a late night play session. In October 2016 their father Jonathan Balkin shared a video of the boys destroying pillows, leaving the feather down all over their room. The father wrote of the incident that they had no idea until the morning that the boys escaped from their cribs. This viral video is from midnight to 7 am. It seems the boys are night owls. This isn't the only video you will see on social media of toddlers escaping from their cribs, it seems to be a popular thing that kids like to do. So never assume that when you put the kids to sleep in their cribs that they are going to go to sleep for the night because as the video shows it's often just the beginning of a fun filled night of playing and conversation.

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