Twix Cookies

If you like Twix candy bars, you are going to love this Twix Cookies recipe! This gem of a recipe comes to us from What Megan's Making, from none other than Megan, the curator of this fantastic food blog. Megan says that these cookies are just like little mini Twix chocolate bars, with all of the layers of sweetness, the soft, light sugar cookie on the bottom, the creamy caramel in the middle and the scrumptious chocolate on the top! You will feel like you have made an even better version of the candy bar because you have made it at home, fresh from your own kitchen. Isn't that always a good feeling? You can be in quality control of the ingredients in this recipe, and use all of the best items.

These cookies are not just sweet looking and sweet tasting, they are also extremely easy to bake, and even easier to munch on! The layers are each on their own such simple recipes to make. The cookie layer is just a simple shortbread recipe that you whip up and bake, you can even press a thumbprint into or use the end of a wooden spoon to press an indentation into, before you bake them. This creates a nice indentation, a perfect little pool for all of the caramel to rest in. The caramel itself is very easy to make, and then you spread it onto the cookie. The chocolate layer is just chocolate chips melted to make a sauce and then drizzled on top! Megan says that the spreading can be the toughest part of making this recipe, but that it is so worth it once you taste one of the little bite sized chocolate bars.

You will be quite impressed with how much they taste like an actual Twix chocolate bar! Twix chocolate bars were first brought to America from Britain in 1979, but they were first made in 1967. The candy bar has become extremely popular in the United States and in Canada over the years, and special flavours have also been introduced in more recent years. You can find speciality flavours like fudge, cinnamon, triple chocolate and even peanut butter flavoured Twix bars! And now these awesome Twix cookies! These would be wonderful to make for a bake sale, can you imagine how quickly they would sell? Especially to kids. Or, this recipe would be easy enough to make and bring to a party or a gathering where food is involved. After all, everyone likes a nice, sweet treat to imbibe in after a savoury meal.

Megan is an avid food blogger who started her food blogging journey as a newly wed who wanted to cook fabulous meals for her and her husband. She embarked on posting the recipes online so she could share with her family and friends what she was making at home, and the different recipes she was testing out so that they could try them as well. She says that cooking and baking have become a hobby for her and that she loves it even more than ever before! Megan totally sees her food blog and sharing as part of her life's purpose and she enjoys sharing all of it with the people that come across her website. Megan and her husband have now been married for over two years and they have adopted two sons who are absolutely adorable. You can find a plethora of awesome recipes on her website appropriately called What Megan's Making and check in on her new posts regularly. She has recipes ranging from dessert recipes, like this one, dinner, lunch and breakfast recipes, appetizer recipes and much more! Try some of them out and share your love through food just like Megan does!

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