UFO Photo Taken at Van Lake in Turkey

In Turkey, a man claimed that he may have taken a photograph of a UFO nearby Van Lake, home of the Van Lake Monster. Gaziantep News reports they received an email from Ahmet Baygümüş with a UFO photo attached. Baygümüş articulates that he did not see anything unusual when he took some photos on August 24 at 7 pm. He was capturing pictures of the scenery and the sunset using his phone. Nevertheless, when he reviewed the photos afterward, he spotted a bizarre light in the photos. Baygümüş states he went back to the site the next day at the same time but did not see anything strange there.

Baygümüş then referred the copy to Gaziantep News expecting they could propose an answer regarding what he might have perceived. Gaziantep News advised it seemed to be some a bright light ray, and they recorded Baygümüş’ contact info for the public to share their opinions with him. Baygümüş did not see the bright light when he captured the image. There are possibilities that the bright light is caused by some kind of mirror image or flicker of the phone, and the circle of bright light wasn’t really around.

In 1995, buzzes of odd living existing in Van Lake were alleged to have arisen. Gaziantep News also distinguished that Van Lake is household to a new mystical enigmatic, the Van Lake Monster. In 1889, various scientists stated there was a story issued by the resident newspapers, a gentleman was allegedly carried away by a living being that arose out of the creek. Evidently, Turkish officials were directed to the location. However they never found the creature.

Moreover in 1997, a 26-year-old gentleman named Unal Kozak appeared to have captured some videos of the Van Lake Monster. A CNN story on the videotape was sent to Cambridge University to be inspected. Neither Jacques Cousteau nor the Cambridge University offered up any analysis.

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