UFO Watchers Discover Coffin in Mars Rover Images

For those that love UFO and ET stories about what's happening on Mars, then this article should be part of your bookmarked pages. It has been longstanding the intrigue that our human race has with facts that life outside of our planet may exist. That said, our species decided to send a highly sophisticated instrument to one of the planets out there to observe and send back information. This equipment is known as the Mars Rover, and is designed to roam around Mars and send back photos and data that might prove some evidence of what exactly does exist on planet Mars.

Mars is known as the red planet because of the extreme temperatures.

Mars is a harsh cold world with temperatures between 20C and -225C. Obviously inhospitable for humans and also a concern for electronic and mechanical parts of the instrumentation. None the less, earth is successfully receiving information for the Mars Curiosity Rover. Now, going back to our topic on the Mars rover, brace yourself as we have some interesting news that we have here for you. On October 10, 2012, avid fans of science saw a stone that looks like a coffin while the Mars rover is roaming the planet. Images were captured, and those who are glued to wait for some interesting information to come up have found that particular image too! The Curiosity rover indeed has snapped that intriguing photo, and it has sparked a lot of talks about possible life and death on Mars. Everybody is now speculating about that coffin and, of course, they are wondering if NASA will go in depth about it.

We all can't help but be intrigued if it is just a stoned shaped coffin or a real coffin box! Will NASA allow the Mars rover to go over that sighting one more time and even investigate on what it is? If you want to know more about these things, check out the link to the Chron website below!

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