UFOs Flirting with Helicopter Over Rendlesham Forest | VIDEO

There are a lot of questions about the existence of aliens. Perhaps if we open our mind we will move one step beyond our primary question. It is time to make own research into it. In this video, you can see several lights flashing in the sky. George Taylor, the person who witnessed this once-in-a-lifetime event recorded it on January 26, Sunday afternoon at Rendlesham Forest in Suffold, England. The flashing lights in the sky surround a military helicopter in flight and they were checking the UFOs.

George Taylor uploaded the video on YouTube on the next day he took the video. He wrote, “Identified three flashing lights in the sky yesterday, Sunday 25th January. While walking around Rendlesham Forest, there was immediately a strange feeling that I was not supposed to be there. When it happened, immediately I grabbed the phone and recorded the event”. People who lived in Rendlesham have known the history with UFOs in that area and George Taylor does not really believe in the myth until the day he recorded the mysterious event. He also claimed that he has been walking around the location with his dog and there has never been anything odd happening in that area.

Extraterrestrial life is a wide topic and there are still many things that are unknown to human beings. If we are to argue whether aliens exist or not, the argument is unending because we have our own belief system and it depends on the audience’s experience or perception about the subject matter. It has also been a question mark to human why there has not been any open communication with them if they truly exist during the old times, or are we, humans, ready enough to conduct or respond a civilized meeting with them? Perhaps they will come when mankind are mentally ready to communicate with them.

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