Ultimate Creamy Egg Salad

An egg salad sandwich is definitely one of my most favourite sandwiches, and there are so many different ways of making it. So here is the Ultimate Creamy Egg Salad that you can try out the next time you make one! This recipe from Whole and Heavenly Oven brings you the creamiest most delicious egg salad you have ever had in you life! They put so much into this recipe and some secret ingredients too. I will give you a hint, there is something added in that adds to the creaminess but not to the fat like mayonnaise. You might be able to come up with a few ideas in your mind of what that might be!

She also throws in pickled relishes, sweet peppers, and celery. I usually do one of those at a time but hey, there are no rules, right? And I am sure it tastes amazing! There is also one other secret ingredient she gives away in this recipe that you will find out about and I admit I have tried this before and it really does change the flavour of your egg salad. I have made curried egg salad before too, and that is really nice. It gives it a different flavour and is a fun change from the regular old recipe. I also usually put turmeric in my egg salad, it gives it a nice vibrant colour and turmeric is so good for you too, so it boosts the nutritional content for you. I also love cucumbers in my egg salad and cut them into small pieces and stir it right in. So yummy!

Try out these fun new ways to dress up egg salad the next time you make it!

This delicious extra creamy and healthier version egg salad recipe has been a family favorite for the creator, and a good to recipe in her house for many years. This recipe is sugar creamy, and it is low in calories, because the recipe is mixed with half mayonnaise and half plain yogurt for a healthier version. It's all in the quality good ingredients. You will need some mayonnaise, plain yogurt, some dill pickle relish, and prepared mustard. You will also need some fresh minced up garlic, minced sweet pepper and celery. If you can get farm fresh eggs that is great, otherwise you your favorite eggs and hard boil them, and coarsely dice them when done. Add some salt and pepper to taste and then all you need is some of your favorite sandwich bread and lettuce to serve.

This is a great recipe blog by Sarah, who is only 18 years old! She is in her first year of culinary school, and she loves it! She doesn't graduate until 2017. She is the fourth born our of her nine brothers and sisters, that's a big family! She lives in southern Wisconsin, where she thinks is a bit too cold for her liking. Sarah has been cooking since she was eight years old, and she has a good feel for things in the kitchen, one thing for sure is she does not like seafood. She is however addicted to chocolate and coffee, and cheesecake. Approximately 93 percent of her recipes are healthy cooking, she has a love of food. She believes in healthy cooking and healthy eating. She also believes that food should taste amazing. So that is the approach she likes to take on her blog, healthy eating and good food, and yes she believes even chocolate chip cookies can be healthy.

Some examples of recipes that you will find on her site include a cheese herbed hummus recipe with roasted garlic, a big batch of stovetop applesauce with a wide, a curried apple and cranberry chicken salad in a lettuce wrap (super delicious and healthy too), homemade soft pretzel recipe stuffed with pizza, fruit and nut snack bars that are no bake, and lots more that you will love.

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