Unbelievable Tree House in Germany

With the help of modern day architecture and interior design, tree houses have completely evolved. But why would anyone want to own a tree house anyway? The right question should be, why would anyone NOT want to own a tree house? Lets face it; the idea alone is cool and even romantic! There are tree houses that you could build on your own. But if you want it to look like it was done by the professionals and something that looks modern, then you must hand the job to the experts. Take a look at this tree house in Germany that we are now featuring.

This project was neatly done by a design firm based in Germany called Baumraum. Seeing this tree house impressed us so much, and were sure that you will have the same reaction. Baumraum is specializing in building tree houses. They handle everything from the planning to the actual development of the project. You can entrust this firm the expertise of working on it because they have clients who are satisfied with their performance and delivery. This project that they worked on is known as the King of the Frogs. It was dubbed with that name since it stands right above a small pond in a private garden located in Mnster, Germany.

The company used some four steel columns to make it stand while the interior has this attractive glass surface. The view of the night sky is just amazing if you want to sleep in it. The huge ceiling window will no doubt capture not just your eyes, but your heart as well. One can store books, blankets and even games inside it because the space is not too small and you could still move despite of the things that are in it.

For more information about this tree house, check out the website Baumraum below.

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