Unexpectedly Effective Way to Clean Your Grill

If you are looking for the best bbq cleaner, here is an Unexpectedly Effective Way to Clean Your Grill. This awesome cleaning technique comes to us from The Kitchn website, where you can find all sorts of how-to information as well as recipes and even gathering ideas. They share so many great cleaning methods with us including this amazing way to clean your barbecue grill, that you have to see to believe. Cleaning your bbq is part of keeping your grill looking as good as new, it can also be a safety measure that prevents grease fires from happening as well as your food becoming contaminated. You should have a manual or a guide that came with your grill that tells you exactly how to clean it and how often to clean it. Most people clean their grills at least once a season if it is a really deep clean, and also do a quick clean right before they use it. If you have a gas bbq, you also need to check the grease drip pan frequently, and clean it out thoroughly so that the grease doesn't happen to catch on fire accidentally.

If you want to clean your home with natural cleaners, you must check the labels on the bottles of store bought cleaners, even natural cleaners. There are bbq cleaners on the market, but most of them are filled with chemicals that are not good to use on a surface that you will be cooking your food on. The chemicals in cleaners can off gas when the grill is heated up, and then be transferred to your food so it is best to use natural cleaners. You can also make your own natural homemade cleaning products with simple ingredients you can find at home. The bbq cleaner mentioned on The Kitchn is an all natural way to clean your grill, and it won't leave behind any harmful residue. Making natural homemade cleaning products is also quite easy and can include ingredients like baking soda or vinegar and water. Some people like to add essential oils into their natural cleaners to add some aromatherapy and a little bit more cleaning power. Essential oils like lemon, lime and orange will be effective at killing germs and leaving your home smelling fresh and clean. Make sure you use only 100% therapeutic grade essential oils as well.

You may also be shocked to know that many natural cleaners that claim to be all natural still contain some harmful ingredients. Tests have been done by organizations like EWG - The Environmental Working Group to determine what exactly is in these products that claim to be natural cleaners and many of them failed the test and contained harmful and chemical ingredients. There were even several products that contained formaldehyde which is a very toxic chemical used to kill vermin. Their latest test was carried out early in 2016 where they tested 400 products. On their rating system, only 60 of the products they tested ended up scoring an A while the others had certain chemical ingredients. Some of the ingredients on certain cleaners weren't even mentioned at all, which causes some concern. With over 40% of the cleaners containing isothiazolinone preservatives, which can trigger allergies, and other products containing ingredients that cause skin reactions, its great that EWG did this investigation so that consumers can be aware of exactly what kinds of products they are purchasing. So as you can see, making your own natural homemade cleaning products might be the way to go, or use this great cleaning method suggested by The Kitchn when cleaning your bbq.*

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