Unidentified Flying Objects – The Reality, The Cover Up And The Truth

UFOs or the Unidentified Flying Objects have been witnessed by many people around the globe. It has also been recorded in the books, myths and legends centuries ago. However, many people also believe that those incidents were categorized as natural happenings, trickeries, misunderstandings and even theories.

Historians stated that even the smallest so-called theories could have its basis in reality. For instance, there are numbers of historical events that were once believed as myth proved to be real through archeological findings. For example, the famous city Troy which is center to Homer's “The Iliad”, was considered as myth, but Heinrich Schliemann discovered the real site in 1868. After all of the findings, The Iliad is still considered as a myth and legends by many experts. The same situation goes for “the flying machine” that was drawn on caves and walls.

It is undeniable that there were thousands of reports recorded where the UFOs were seen by police, pilots, government officials, astronauts, military, and common citizens. Most of these incidents cannot be explained by experts. If you do some thorough research about the UFOs, you will see some valid evidence that UFOs do exist. If you do believe their existence, then the real question is what could be their sole purpose?

Let us admit that with all the advance technology we have right now it is still limited and impossible to discover the extraterrestrial life in our solar system. It is absurd to think that we are the only beings that exist in the entire solar system just because we don't identify any signals the same as ours.

If you read the mysterious historical events where there are proofs that the UFOs exist, you would think of why the government did not inform the public? It is because by educating the citizen about the existence of UFOs can totally bring global uprising in every part of our lives as humans.

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