Unique Bulb Table

Think "beautiful wooden furniture" and the words more likely call to mind dark, heavy banquet tables and chests of drawers. But somewhere beyond ponderous Baroque pieces and rustic American handiwork, there exists a whole other class of wood furnishings. Just think of the winding, ethereal woodwork carved by the Elves in Lord of the Rings, and you'll have a good idea of Irish designer Joseph Walsh's creations. His bulb table is a fine example.

Walsh's bulb table is a two-tone, all-wood dining set made of yew and ash. Instead of legs, the circular tabletop stands upon a giant openwork garlic bulb. The bulb's diagonally sliced stem, with a hint of fresh green in its centre, peeks through the round opening in the tabletop. While the base is, simply put, garlic-coloured, the tabletop is made of a darker wood that suggests garden soil.

Around this charming table sits ten pale chairs with rounded bases and curving backs, cleverly fashioned to look like individual cloves of garlic. Each chair has a small round seat in creamy white, the lightest colour used in the entire set -- this, of course, resembles the smooth centre of a peeled clove.

Seen from a distance, this practical furniture set is a solid work of art in itself. Unlike wooden furniture of days past, the table and chairs are light in colour and design, without the excessive bulk and flourishes that would domineer all but the most spacious homes. The delicately opening cloves of finely shaped wood will enhance any dining room whether you have an ultra modern setup or a tiny Hobbit house. The bad news is that the piece is one of a kind, which means you'll have to make do with something else from Walsh's studio.

In short, the unique bulb table from Joseph Walsh truly does not stink. Click below to visit the Joseph Walsh Studio website for this and other beautiful pieces.

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