Upcycled Vintage Yardstick Table

Reducing, reusing and recycling are all the rage and the new hipster trends for summer. What was old has become new again, in a different and wilder way. Like this upcycled vintage yardstick table. Anything is possible and artists and families alike are getting inspiration from old objects, only to transform them into something shabby chic and re-purposed. A great idea is wooden pallets. You see them by the cargo areas of places that get big shipments like ports of furniture factories and they are usually free. You can sand and re-stain the wood, and nail a few together and ta-da you have an instant shelf or coffee table that would have otherwise ended up in the trash heap.

When our family does crafts, we get inspiration from the salvage shops outside of the city. They save the beautiful facades and woodwork of the crafters of yesteryear, back in the days when craftsmanship was prized instead of cheap and disposable. There are many different things that can be recycled into the garden and even in the home. Sometimes the older pieces of wood have a great and unique patina or stain, that is really accented when you revive it with a light sanding and some wood oil. I have even seen mirrors in the garden and benches and floors made of wood pallets.

But don`t let your imagination stop there! Anything can be re-purposed. This photo was an instant inspiration that prompted me to think of a great gift for my sisters wreck-room downstairs and I know my whole family could pitch in and make this simple and useful craft. Plus we are using salvaged materials, that are environmentally friendly and stopping unnecessary waste from ending up in the landfill. The unique part of this is the yardsticks reminded me of when I was young and I am sure they will prompt feelings of nostalgia with whoever sees it. If you like to make beautiful up-cycled crafts, check out the link below to Pinterest.

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