Use Aluminum Foil To Soften Brown Sugar

Baking time can is a fun time. If you have it in your mind that you want to bake, and you don't have the ingredients, you thought you did it will certainly make you unhappy! So, make sure you have the complete ingredients on hand for your yummy dish. But how about you are all ready to put the recipe together, and you are sure you have everything but then you find out that one of your ingredients are not in good condition? Oh NO!!! You found out that your brown sugar was as hard as a rock. Now you will either have to go to the nearest supermarket and buy fresh brown sugar, or you might be able to borrow from your sweet neighbor.

Here's a quick tip for you. No need to call 911. Within minutes, you can have your soft brown sugar back. You only need to use an aluminum foil. Yes, you heard me right. Aluminum foil is the best trick to soften your brown sugar. You only need to wrap the hard rock brown sugar in it and bake for 5 minutes in the oven at 300F. While it is softening, you can prepare the rest of the recipe. Wow, now you'll be the happiest baker around with the greatest tip to share.

Make sure you store your brown sugar properly so it will not get hard again. One tip to keep it soft is to add orange peels. Oranges peels and other citrus fruits have a moisture effect to keep your brown sugar soft. Don't worry, your sugar won't taste like orange. But if you don't have orange or any citrus in your kitchen, you can as well use bread or marshmallows. Just store them inside your brown sugar container and viola! You'll have your always-soft brown ready.

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