Use Your Pressure Cooker to Make the World's Fastest, Easiest Chicken Enchiladas

No matter how much I cook, there is always something new to learn, a new recipe to try, a new kitchen appliance to experiment with, or a new ingredient or food to try. "Use Your Pressure Cooker to Make the World's Fastest, Easiest Chicken Enchiladas," reminded me that I really don't know much about pressure cooker recipes, and it is something I would definitely like to learn more about.

Pressure cookers are an amazing invention, this chicken enchilada recipe calls for putting five ingredients in to a pressure cooker, raw chicken legs, some aromatics and vegetables, through them into the pressure cooker and cook until the chicken is cooked through, this takes approximately fifteen minutes, that to me is amazing, and I think I may have to invest in a pressure cooker. With a family to cook and care for, time is a valuable commodity, and recipes made with a pressure cooker, are quick and sound delicious. Pressure cookers work so quickly and efficiently because they have an airtight seal to prevent liquid from escaping, thus the ingredients in the recipe produce their own sauce, and no water or stock is needed to be added to the recipe, amazing.

You can cook one batch of the chicken enchilada recipe mixture by dumping all the ingredients straight into a pressure cooker and cooking it on high pressure for about fifteen minutes before using the quick release method to open the pot. Pull out the chicken and set it aside to cool, discard the bay leaves, and then purée the vegetables into a sauce, adding a squirt of soy sauce to it to blend for a salty umami blast. You'll want to use the chicken and sauce as a baseline for flavor comparison. You can pan sear the chicken with the skin side down until golden brown before adding the remaining ingredients. As soon as the chicken is cool enough to handle, you can shred it apart with your fingers, discarding the skin and bones. Then add some of the seasoned sauce, and toss it all together along with some cilantro and lime juice. You can also use this tasty filling and salsa to stuff tacos or burritos.

In fact, if you want an even quicker meal, I'd suggest doing just that—the most tender chicken tacos with an incredibly flavorful salsa in about 25 minutes is not bad on the work-to-delicious scale that I often use to rate my meals.

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