Vanilla Blueberry Loaf Cake

Get ready to sink your teeth into this incredible vanilla blueberry loaf cake, with flavors of vanilla, lemon and blueberry all folded into this unique cake cooked from scratch. This is not only a savory and exquisite dessert of choice, but is also healthy and chock full of antioxidants so you can have it at any time of day and feel guilt-free. This step-by-step cooking recipe allows you to quickly whip up this crowd-pleasing dessert in less than two hours using nothing but household cooking ingredients along with blueberries, either fresh or frozen, depending on your preference, and voila, you have a sumptuous dessert all ready to be served. The really beauty of this recipe is the combination of flavors, you get sweet vanilla mixed with zesty lemon, and finally delicious blueberries to complete a mouth-watering loaf cake recipe that will have everyone coming back for seconds and thirds.

Growing up, I absolutely adored cooking with my Mom and baking cakes of all different shapes and sizes, and loaf cakes were no exception. I found a had much better luck cooking up these tasty cakes than with multi-layered traditional cakes, mainly because it was simpler to cook with far less hours invested, yet it still yielded an extraordinary dessert that wouldn't last long in our household. With recipes ranging from banana loaf to strawberry loaf to pound cake, I learned how to cook a great cake in a small package that pleased all of our family and friends. It also kept fresh for quite a bit longer than most cakes which tend to go stale in a few days and was also easily transportable, so it made for the perfect cake to bring to a picnic or special event.

These type of cakes are a great deal healthier than their larger cousins, not only because of their smaller size but also because they use healthy ingredients like yogurt and fruit that make you feel good about yourself when you are eating them. For instance, blueberries are arguably the healthiest food in the world due to their plentiful antioxidants, plus their richness in key nutrients like Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and fibre. Another interesting fact is that freezing the blueberries does not effect their antioxidant properties, so you can feel free to use frozen blueberries, or better yet freeze your leftover fresh blueberries to get those health benefits added into this loaf cake and the next one you want to cook up. Combining these health factors with the sheer deliciousness that this vanilla blueberry loaf cake recipe brings to the table gives you have a real winner that is sure to have people telling you that this is the best, healthiest loaf cake they've ever tasted.

Now it is time for you to try this incredible vanilla blueberry loaf cake recipe for yourself, and learn how to cook this phenomenal dessert today!

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