Vanilla Mint Chip Ice Cream Cake

When it comes to birthday cakes or a dessert for a special occasion, you can't go wrong with this deliciously perfect, vanilla mint chip ice cream cake. Layer upon layer of ice cream, mint chips, whipped cream and more culminate in this incredible double decker birthday cake that is the quintessential summer treat perfect for any moment of celebration and happiness! It also goes to show from the old saying, that "from the mouth of babes come pearls of wisdom", because this idea for this awesome cake recipe came from a little girl who loved everything mint flavoured, as well as ice cream cake. So she wanted to see what it would be like to have the two together! The best part when it comes to cooking this savoury creation is that it is a chilled dessert that only requires a freezer and fridge to whip it up using everyday household ingredients like butter and cool whip, plus some fudge, mint chocolate cookies and cookie crumbs. It would be the perfect summer dessert recipe, not only because it is made out of ice cream, and that is an all time favourite summer treat, but because you don't need an oven to make it. So you don't have to bother with heating up your whole house on a hot summer day just for a cake.

Ever since I was a kid, I have always had a special place in my heart for mint chips. Especially mint chocolate chip ice cream, to the point where it was the only ice cream I would ever eat. When you combine mint with the flavour of chocolate, and the cool sensation of ice cream, you can make a dessert that is not only perfect for any child, but that the whole family and friends will all absolutely love. While it may have only been the 10th most popular ice cream in 2000, the popularity of mint chocolate chip ice cream is steadily on the rise as people discover the awesome flavour of mint combined with ice cream, especially with melted fudge, cookie crumbs, and cool whip on top like in this recipe! Making a ice cream cake using these ingredients is a surefire way to introduce a novel and mouth-watering dessert combination to your tastebuds.

It is easy enough to make an ice cream cake as well, and ice cream is a dessert that most people, unless lactose intolerant, will love! This would be perfect to make for someone's birthday who loves mint and chocolate dessert combinations. They would be grateful to you forever of course. There is actually a celebratory Mint Chocolate day that has been assigned to this flavour combination, which is February 19! So Mint chocolate lovers everywhere can celebrate their love for this underrated dessert option! Now it is time for you to learn how to make up this delicious vanilla mint chip chip ice cream cake for yourself. Head over to 'Inside Bru Crew Life' by clicking on the link in the description below for more!

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