VIDEO - An unusual friendship. What do you think?

The internet has definitely changed our lives and how we see the world, with instant access to news, videos, photos and information from all over the world. This simple "VIDEO - An unusual friendship. What do you think?," is just one example of how a shared video can inspire conversation.

This short video, on an unusual friendship between a guy and his baby raccoon cub, otherwise known as a kit shows an adorable and affectionate animal, who obviously loves its owner, offering kisses and love in a precious moment. Raccoons are such beautiful animals with their distinct markings (masked eyes, striped tail, and beautiful colourings). Who wouldn't want to cuddle with this sweet creature. This Facebook video has lots of mostly positive comments, with 90,000 likes and over 188,000 shares

While I do think this video is cute, and yes raccoons are beautiful, and adorable (well kits at least), it must be remembered that raccoons are wild. Considering a raccoon as a pet, is illegal in many areas, and you will want to check with local and state/provincial regulations before pursuing the plan of having a raccoon as a pet. In my opinion raccoons should be left in the wild, unless they are injured or the baby cubs have lost their mother, and need to be nursed till they can be properly released into nature. Wild animals belong in nature. Domestic dogs are our pets, and have lived alongside humans for close to 40,000 years. If you look online you may discover that there are people breeding raccoons, which I was surprised to learn, raccoons are prone to biting, especially if they feel threatened. This video is just one of the unique things you will find when you take a look at this site.

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