View of a Basement Being Constructed Utilizing Insulated Concrete Forms

When it comes time to buy a home, it can be hard to find exactly what you want in a pre-existing design, which is why building your own home is a great option. One of the key components of building a house is the foundation and the basement, and here you'll get a view of a basement being constructed using insulated concrete forms. These insulated concrete forms, known as ICF for short, are pieces of concrete with a ridged thermal insulation. The walls are created out of modules that interlock and that don't need any mortar to hold them together, and after they are set in place, concrete is poured into the forms. This building method was invented during World War II as a way to repair and rebuild fallen buildings in Europe. In the 1960s, Werner Gregori, a Canadian contractor created the first interlocking foam concrete and now ICF is included in regular building codes as one of the requirements for certain structures. The ICF foundations from Rocky-K Log Homes & Construction have a very high R Value of R-38-48, which will keep the basement nice and dry and free from mold and mildew. It can be so horrible to have a basement that smells, but this design prevents that from happening. Rocky-K Log Homes & Construction also says that their foundations strengthen as they cure, so you can be sure you will have a really sturdy foundation to you house and a nice solid basement.

Many log house builders don't offer setting the foundation for the log home building process, so it's nice to find a company like Rocky-K Log Homes & Construction that does. The contractors will take care of the foundation as well as the log home building up until the interior finishing. The company does offer turn key options which means you can move into your house when it's ready. They contact and coordinate with other companies who will add the finishing touches to the home and create a move-in ready house for you and your family. The log house builders from Rocky-K Log Homes & Construction are very talented craftsmen who build the log houses in the traditional ways. If you buy a home building kit usually the pieces are manufactured and don't have that same authentic look and appeal as handcrafted log houses do. Traditional log home building will have logs that are each a little different, with the natural knots and wood grain that you find in real wood, something that the manufactured logs may not show.

As you'll see in the photos on the Rocky-K Log Homes & Construction Facebook page, they are building a pretty large log house judging by the size of the basement. You can see the ICF in place, and even the window holes that are at ground level which will bring in some great sunlight. They even show a side view of the inside of the concrete forms before the concrete is poured in so you can have a better idea of what it's all about. If you browse through their photos even more, you can see the progress shots of the log home building process on top of one of their basement foundations. It's really interesting and amazing to see a log house being built and it really helps you see all of the hard work and talent that goes into building a log house or cabin. Enjoy having a look around their Facebook page and make sure you check out their new website too. The company also sells interior decor to add a little personal touch to any room in the home.***

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