VooDoo Doughnut has arrived in L.A. (Finally!)

If you haven't already seen or been to a VooDoo doughnut shop, you are in for a treat. Los Angles just got a VooDoo doughnuts location and it's sure to be popular with locals and tourists alike. And while Los Angles already has a variety of mom and pop donut shops, VooDoo doughnuts is like nothing else out there. This Portland doughnut shop also offers coffee and ice cream and is known for its playful fried dough creations in fun and original shapes. The soft open is at Universal CityWalk on March 9. And for anyone who has been to VooDoo Doughnuts before they will recognize some of the flavors on the menu. There is a jelly-filled Voodoo Doll, a signature Bacon Maple Bar and a sugary-cereal-topped the Loop doughnut. The Los Angeles location also has some L.A. specific creations of its own to include the Hollywood Cream a donut filled with Bavarian cream and topped with maple frosting. And because this VooDoo Doughnut is part of the family-friendly theme at the park's shopping district, you won't see some of VooDoo Doughnut's more risque creations.

The co-founders of this mostly Oregon-based donut chain had considered a Los Angeles shop before, but it was a call from Universal that got them thinking about opening their first California location. And despite the amusement park setting, much of the original character of the shop is with pink boxes, fun curios and a colorfully tiled floor that is similar to the Portland location. At the doughnut shop you will also find legally-binding weddings that are held in front of a coffin-shaped altar. The store hours of this location fluctuate, especially during the initial soft opening period, so you will want to call ahead to find the times. There should be a more formal opening sometime in April. You'll find the Los Angeles VooDoo Doughnut right across from the Hard Rock Cafe, which is near the Jurassic Park parking structure. The skeleton chocolate doughnut might just be the coolest doughnut ever. And sadly the doughnuts are not available for shipping. This is because the doughnuts only have a life expectancy of 8 to 12 hours. Unfortunately, this is not long enough to ship the doughnuts overnight in a cargo bay with no pressurization that deflates and will leave the doughnuts not as fresh as they should be. And VooDoo Doughnuts is getting more and more popular with six locatioons in the United States and one in Taipei City, Taiwan. The five United States locations include two in Portland, one in Eugene, Denver, Austin, Los Angeles and a cart.

If you don't know already a donut also known as a doughnut is a type of fried dough confectionery or dessert recipe. Doughnuts are popular in many parts of the world and prepared in a wide variety of ways. Doughnuts are a sweet snack ideas that can be homemade or purchased in grocery stores, bakeries, and food stalls not to mention food carts. Doughnuts are typically deep-fried from a recipe that made from flour dough (there are also gluten free donut recipes), and either ring-shaped or without a hole, and often filled with cream or fruit fillings. Examples of popular doughnut recipes include maple glazed doughnuts, chocolate glaze donuts, and powdered donut recipe ideas.

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