Waffle Cone Sundae Ice Cream Cake

This Waffle Cone Sundae Ice Cream Cake is all kinds of delicious! There are some recipes you just want to try just to see what they will taste like, right? When will they invent a taste test over the internet app? There MUST be an app coming out for that in the future! This cake is definitely for the ice cream and ice cream cake lover in your family and would be the absolute perfect cake to make for them. The nice thing is, it is easy to make at home, so you can give them a home made cake that they will be super impressed with! Ice cream cake is a popular choice for people who love ice cream. Ice cream can be kind of tricky to make as well, so it's nice that they have a recipe here that you can use pre made ice cream in. Not everything has to be from scratch, unless you are really adamant on making your own ice cream. You can even find, all natural, organic ice cream with no additives or chemicals in it.

The ice cream cake is made in a spring form pan, which makes sense, since you want to be able to remove the pan away from the cake, so that you can cut it into pieces. You make your own fudge sauce which is super simple to make. Then the crust is the crushed up waffle cones, and then layers of ice cream and the fudge sauce. You can add nuts or leave them out. It looks perfectly like a sundae with the whipped cream, which you would also do home made, and a maraschino cherry on top, of course! This would be the most epic birthday cake ever, and would be sure to please anyone having a birthday and the crowd you are serving it to as well.

It is a really pretty looking cake too! It would be cool to use some different flavours of ice cream. I would totally try cookie dough, or the half baked ice cream from Ben and Jerry's ice cream, since that is one of my favourite flavours of ice cream ever! Chocolate ice cream would make it totally epic! With the fudge sauce and maybe some Oreo cookies crushed up in the centre... It would be so good, don't you think? The author of this post from A Dash of Insanity blog, writes that her son actually came up with the idea for this cake, he got cookie dough ice cream in his cake for his birthday. She did a really good job of creating his idea. So great that she shared it with all of us too!

Ice cream cake actually goes back further than you may think, in the Victorian era, the 1870s, there were recipes in books that put biscuits and cream together to make ice cream cakes. There was also a dessert called bombes which was ice cream and fruit combined and frozen into moulds. We know it from places like Dairy Queen, Baskin Robins, or Marble Slab, they have been popular in North America for a while now. I f you would like to try your hand at making your own ice cream cake, make sure you check out A Dash of Healthy!

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