Waffle Tacos and other EPIC breakfast food!

There are some breakfast recipes that we get from popular restaurants that we can't imagine eating anywhere else. These "Waffle tacos and other EPIC breakfast food!," recipes are restaurant recipes that you can recreate at home, with step by step video instructions easy enough for anyone to do.

This waffle tacos recipe is just like the popular Taco Bell breakfast waffle recipe, so good it'll change the way you feel about take out. This easy to do restaurant style recipe will need some of the following ingredients to prepare, some of which include cinnamon toast waffle or chocolate chip waffles, scrambled egg frosting (yes you read that right), crumbled candied bacon that you make yourself, pepper jack cheese, and some sage rosemary breakfast sausage. To make the velvety, fluffy scrambled eggs you will need to prepare some scrambled eggs as you normally do, then take the scrambled eggs and blend them a bit in a blender. Next you will add some whipping cream to the scrambled eggs and blend until smooth, so that you can spread the mixture onto the cheese slices atop the waffles. To serve you can add maple syrup, this is a must recipe to try and one the whole family will enjoy.

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This video recipe site will have you looking at restaurant meals completely different, the nice thing about this site is you get video step by step instructions, making each recipe easy enough for anyone to do. You can always tell which recipes are really popular just by seeing the number of views below the video. There is an endless collection of recreated restaurant popular recipes to try, you'll have trouble trying just one. If you have a favorite restaurant meal you like, chances are it is on this site.

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