WATCH Video 10 Handy Dusting Tips! Easy and Quick Ways How to Dust Your Home

This is a great Video sharing 10 Handy Dusting Tips! Easy and Quick Ways How to Dust Your Home. House cleaning tips are so valuable, and they are always something that we can benefit from learning more of. Many people have their cleaning routine down pat, and they can make house cleaning look like a piece of cake. People may also be so overwhelmed with cleaning their house that they will hire a maid service to clean it for them. A maid service will come by as often as once a week or once every two weeks, or as little as once a month. Some people even just get a professional yearly clean from a maid service to stay on top of their own cleaning routine. Seeing how the house cleaners from the maid service clean you house can give you a lot of ideas as well, and you can ask them what products they use if you really like how your house feels after they have cleaned it. Cleaning your house can be easy enough, it is just finding the house cleaning tips that you like and formulating a routine using them. You too can clean a house just like a pro, especially with great cleaning tips like these ones from the Clean My Space YouTube channel.

Melissa, from the awesome Clean My Space YouTube channel, created this great video on how to effectively dust your house. Dusting is one of the main parts of cleaning your house, and if you don't dust, you will have many allergens around that bother your respiratory system. Dust is created by dust mites, which are minuscule insects that eat our dead skin cells. The dust is made up of what the mites excrete after eating. So it might make you want to dust your house, even more, knowing just that fact alone. But since we spend so much time in our houses, it is important that the air is clear and fresh, and dusting can really help with this. But what are the proper ways to go about dusting your home? Melissa shares ten fabulous tips with us on how to dust our houses effectively. One of the best tips that she explains in the video is that you want to do your dusting from top to bottom. So get those cobwebs and ceiling fans, window and door sills, picture frames, then do the table and shelf surfaces and then do the base boards. Dust falls, so doing the dusting from top to bottom will ensure that you get every piece of it or at least the good majority of it.

In the video, Melissa also shares that using a micro fibre cloth will pick up a lot more dust than any rag, J-cloth, dish towel, or paper towel ever will. The micro-fibre cloth actually attracts the dust to it because its fibers have a static charge. The static charge doesn't let go of the dust until it is washed or rinsed out. So stock up on your micro-fibre for dusting. Another great idea she has is to use a rag attached to a broom stick with a rubber band to dust the ceiling areas and get into hard to reach corners. When you are ready to dust your surfaces like table tops, counters and shelves, you will want to make sure you take everything off of the surface and dust the whole table instead of working around the stuff. This way you actually end up using less time, and you get more of the dust in the process. Thank you, Melissa, for this great video. Make sure you check it out and get some great dusting tips for your own house cleaning routine.*

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