WATCH Video A Natural and Easy Way to Remove Grease from Hands

If you've ever had grease on your hands from working on the car or bicycles, you know how difficult it can be to get it off.Just Watch this Vide, A Natural and Easy Way to Remove Grease from Hands for great tips. You also want to use something that is safe for both your skin and the environment. This short video shows how a great product is effective and gentle on the hands. The grease comes off easily.The product is Ecostore Eucalyptus Laundry Liquid, which is made in New Zealand. This safe and the effective product comes in either a Eucalyptus scent or a geranium and orange scent. The cost is about $6.00 a bottle. The best thing about this all natural product is that it is safe to use on your hands, and it smells good.

Heavy grease and oil that comes from cars and other motors or machines can be very difficult to remove from your hands if you do not have the proper cleaners and solutions that are used in auto body shops. Unfortunately many of the cleaning solutions that are used to remove grease contain toxic ingredients that you do not feel safe using. The good news is that many common ingredients that you have around the house can be used as natural homemade cleaning products and safe homemade cleaning products to effective remove grease. One of the homemade cleaning product ideas you can try is to use some olive oil, a bit of salt, and some soap and water. All ingredients you are likely to have in your kitchen. To use simply pour some of the olive oil and same amount of salt into the palm of your hands, you might need someone to do this for you . Otherwise you'll get grease all over the containers. You can use any brand of olive oil, and regular table salt will do just fine. This combination of ingredients is ideal for breaking down the grease from your hands effectively. Then rub the ingredients thoroughly all over your hands.

You want to work these ingredients into your hands, working the homemade cleaning product between your fingers. Be sure to rub the palms of your hands together along with spending time scrubbing the back of your hands with the palm of the other as needed. Take your time doing this as you want the olive oil to break up the grease on your hands. This might take a few minutes so be sure that you thoroughly rub the olive oil on your hands and cover them completely. Then wash up with some soap and water. Just as you rubbed your hands together to get the grease off, do the same with the soap and water to effectively remove all of the grease. You can use as much soap as it takes to get your hands clean again. Be sure to once again rub your hands together well and use the soap water to remove any dirt that may remain from your fingers and hands. Make sure you use plenty of soap to clean your hands effectively. You can also use a small brush to help scrub under your fingernails if you have grease there as well. Remember to take your time and not to rush as grease can take some time to come off, be patient. Then use a clean towel to dry your hands. You will notice that not only are they clean, and because of the olive oil they are also moisturized. You will find this natural cleaning video on a natural and easy way to remove grease off hands on the "Dylan Oakley" site on YouTube. *

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