WATCH Video Healthy Juicer Electric Cleanup - 20 Second Cleaning Process

If you like juicing then you will want to watch: Video Healthy Juicer Electric Cleanup - 20 Second Cleaning Process. For anyone who likes to juice, you know how long it can take to clean up the juicer afterward. This short video shows just how easy it is to clean up after using the Healthy Juicer. It's as easy as running the tap water and rinsing off the one piece out of the juicer. You unscrew one piece take it apart and rinse it off all in around 20 seconds. Faster juicer clean up, means you are ready to juice more. There are no metal screens to scrub. It is often the kitchen clean up that deters people from juicing, so when you are looking for juicers one of the most important factors is how easy the juicer is to clean afterward.

Juicing is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body. Whether you like to have a carrot juice with some carrots and apple, or you prefer a green juice with green apple, cucumbers, ginger, and lemons. Juicing is a good way to get the most amount of nutrition out of the vegetables you usually eat. Drinking juice is a good way to balance your pH and give yourself a direct dose of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein and oxygen. When it comes to choosing a juicer there are a lot of factors to take into account. There is a wide variety of price ranges of juicer to choose from, but just remember you typically get what you pay for. Juicers that cost less will most often have weaker motors and are designed poorly, so you end up not getting as much juice out of the fruits and veggies as you'd like. Then there are more expensive juicers that are big and powerful but cost a little too much. Choosing a medium range juicer is probably the way to go.

There are three types of juicer categories to include centrifugal, masticating and twin gear. Centrifugal juicers use a fast spinning grater that shreds the fruits and vegetables. The juice goes through a strainer and out a spout, while the pulp stays behind in a catch basket. Masticating juicers use only one slowly turning screw shaped gear that chews up the fruits and veggies and then squeezes the juice out through a stainless steel screen. The action of the gear tears open the cells in the fruit and veggies to release their nutrients. Twin gear juicers are the top of the line. These juicers work at low speeds, slowly squishing the fruits and vegetables between two gears until the pulp is almost dry and most of the juice is squeezed out. All three of these types of juicers have pros and cons. So you will want to do your research and see what will work best for you. And you will want to determine your juicer budget and think just how much you are going to be using this new appliance in your kitchen. With that said twin gear juicers will probably give you the most for your money, the juice will last the longest, up to seventy-two hours apparently, and you can even use these juicers to make nut butters and ice cream. Twin gear juicers can also extract wheatgrass juice (some masticating juicers can do this too). You can see this kitchen cleaning tips for the Healthy Juicer Electric Cleanup on the "Healthy Juicer" site. This short video is just one of the kitchen cleaning tips and juice ideas you will see on this juicing site. *

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