WATCH Video How to Easily Clean your Burner Covers with No Scrubbing!

When it comes to cleaning stoves, people like to know the quickest and easiest ways to do go about it. Just watch this Video How to Easily Clean your Burner Covers with No Scrubbing! Its natural to want to learn the easiest way to do something, we would all rather spend our free time doing more enjoyable activities than cleaning, right? When we always use our stove tops and our ovens, it's so easy to get a lot of food melting onto the burner covers on the stove top. This food can harden over time and will be hard to remove as time goes on. Sometimes no amount of scraping and scrubbing can suffice and clean these burner covers. But this tutorial has come to the rescue. With these super easy stove cleaning tips your burner covers will be looking brand new, and you don't even have to scrub.

Cleaning stoves usually isn't a regular weekly cleaning duty. We usually save it for a once every two weeks kind of clean. But this cleaning method is easy enough that you wouldn't even mind doing it more often. The items you need to use for cleaning stoves and their burners are simple. All you need is some ammonia cleaner, which is easily found at any department store like Walmart or Target. Ammonia is a very strong chemical to work with so make sure that you also pick up some gloves and a face mask. You really shouldn't breathe any of the ammonia in because breathing in too much of it can cause some damage to your mucus membranes like your nose, mouth and throat. The burner covers will be soaked for a while in some ammonia in a bag. You basically put all of the burner covers in their own separate bags and pour in some ammonia. You can fill the bag about a quarter of the way full and lay them flat so that the ammonia can work its magic. You can also put a second bag on if you are worried about the bags getting leaks. You leave them in their bags of ammonia for a whole night so that all of the grease and grime can be broken down. The lady from The Bargain Hound YouTube channel lets them sit for twelve hours total before she pours out the ammonia and takes out the burner covers.

The process of the gunk coming off is all in the soaking process, so you don't have to worry about having to scrub so hard to remove it all. Once the burner covers are finished soaking, you will see that you only need to wipe them and maybe scrub a little at the tough spots, but pretty much everything will come off while soaking. Learning how to clean stoves is not such a difficult process after all, especially with stove cleaning tips like this. The Bargain Hound YouTube channel has many other great household tips and tricks that you can enjoy learning about. She teaches you how to make your very own beautiful soy candles, how to make easy breakfast sandwiches, and even how to make your own natural lip balm. She also does dog product reviews after trying pet products for her cute dogs. There are also beauty and bath product reviews which are always fun to know, and kitchen product reviews. She does reviews for home items like essential oil diffusers and electronic devices. You can subscribe to her channel and always get to see her latest videos as she posts them. Save this video and use it to clean your stove the next time it needs a deep cleaning.*

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