WATCH Video How to Get Clean and Steak Free Windows Fast

If you are in need of some clean windows fast, then watch this Video How to Get Clean and Steak Free Windows Fast. There is nothing worse than trying to look outside out into your yard and having a view obscured by dust and greasy fingerprints or dirty paw prints. No one likes to have dirty windows, but window cleaning is always one of the most dreaded jobs when it comes to household cleaning. Usually, it takes forever to get your windows looking streak free and shiny. That is why so many people employ window cleaning services to do their window cleaning for them. Since it only needs to be done once in a while, usually every springtime, it is not a huge cost to absorb. But if you don't want to hire out window cleaning services, you can totally clean all of your windows yourself, and it can be fast and easy. This tutorial on window cleaning from Clutter Bug's YouTube channel teaches us how to clean our windows effectively and quickly. With this cleaning technique, you should have clean, streak free windows that shine and are easy to see through.

The whole window cleaning process is usually made into a huge ordeal with ladders, squeegees and spray on window cleaner. Sometimes, the process would take you all day using the old outdated methods. But thankfully this process is a quick alternative for getting your windows in tip top shape. You don't need a ladder, thank goodness, you don't need a squeegee or any spray on window cleaner. This method uses a product that has window cleaner infused right into the product. The Windex window cleaning tool that will be attached to an extendible rod that helps you to be able to reach the windows that are high up, so you don't need to use a ladder and risk hurting yourself. It also has these pads that velcro onto the rod like a flat head floor mop that gets the grime and grease off of the windows. The pads are activated by water, so all you have to do is spray down your windows with water using your garden hose for outside. Once your windows are really wet, you take the window cleaner and start to rub it all over the outside of your window. That is pretty much it, and then you rinse off your windows with your hose again.

Just make sure you only use this product on the outside of your windows as it is only meant for outside. On the inside of your windows, which are probably much easier for you to reach, just use a simple mixture of vinegar and hot water to clean them with a cloth and then wipe completely dry with a dry clean cloth or two. It is best to change the direction of your swiping when you are changing from washing the windows inside, to washing them outside so if there are any streaks you can tell whether they are on the inside of the windows or the outside of the windows. So for example, on the outside you would do your swiping motion vertically - up and down and on the inside of the windows you would do the swiping motion horizontally - side to side. That way if you have a streak that is running up and down, you know to deal with the outside of the window and if it is sideways, you know it is on the inside of the window. So there you have it, some great tips on how to clean your windows. Check out more of the videos on the Clutter Bug YouTube channel for more cleaning inspiration.*

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