Watermelon Bread

Bread is undoubtedly one of the most popular, food items that can be found in homes all over the world, whether its used for a morning piece of toast with jam, in a nice sandwich for lunch or with some butter at dinner, bread is easy to find wherever you go. Now this "Watermelon Bread," is definitely one of the most original loaves of bread I have ever seen, and I am sure it will be for you as well! Bread is one of the staples of our diets that has been carried throughout the ages. People have always made bread to have as an affordable, and filling food item to serve in a variety of ways. There are also so many different types and styles of bread out there, some are very plain and simple, while other breads, like this watermelon bread, or other artisanal breads, can get quite fancy, having a lot of nuts and even fruits in them or on top of them. Some breads are even braided or shaped into extravagant shapes that make these loaves even more impressive. Bread making is totally an art, and those who love to make bread, require a lot of patience and skill.

I think after seeing this original watermelon bread I will never look at bread the same again. Some of us may have seen watermelons grown as cubes, so this watermelon bread is a similar look to those watermelons. It looks like a watermelon both on the outside, and on the inside of the loaf of bread. This watermelon bread is a popular trend in Taiwan, it started at a bakery called Jimmy's Bakery there, and the popularity of this fun bread has spread all over to other countries now too. You can even try and make this watermelon bread at home! Wouldn't the kids especially love it? When you serve it to them, you can slice it open and eat it plain, or you can make a sandwich out of it. You could even serve real watermelon on the side, perfect for a picnic lunch on a hot summer day. People would be so amazed and astounded to see that this bread that is green in colour has yet another surprise of looking totally like a watermelon on the inside! It would be a funny prank to play on someone even!

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